Book 21: A Light in the Attic

Dear Book 21,

A Light in the Attic; by Shel Silverstein


After having read his first book of poems I only thought it fair that I should continue reading his second book. But his first book was far better than this one.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that this one is bad, but I felt a lot of his nicest poems were in the previous book.


But one thing is for sure, if you want a book that is both adult like and still has innocence of a child, the poems written by Shel are the poems to read. If a child was reading them they would seem so straightforward and funny or just plain nice considering the amazing illustrations. But when you read them as an adult, then the poem takes a whole different journey in your land of imagination and interpretation.


The nice thing is that having read this book now, if I were to come back to it in say another 10 years, I’ll probably interpret the poems in a completely different way. So it would be nice to introduce these poems to kids, and then have them read them again as adults. Because the poems will have completely changed meaning and it would be like reading something for the first time.


The title of the collection of poems itself “The Light in the Attic” is the name of the first poem in the book and its a great opener to prepare your mind for the journey it is about to go through.

The last poem, “The Bridge” is the best poem to end with because it also keeps you thinking of all the possibilities that lay ahead.


One thing is for sure, I will be looking for more books and poems by Silverstein, because he makes the adult in me happier.

Dear Book Series
Fully booked for 365 days!

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